Educational trips in Pick Me Academy

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” (David Mitchell)

A key component of Pick Me Academy is represented by Educational Visits and Trips.

On weekly basis, our school organises visits to local parks and botanical gardens, museums, galleries, the zoo, charity organizations, and a variety of work places, such as fire stations, police stations, and embassies.

We inspire ou children to become Nature Detectives and encourage a lifelong love of trees, woods and wildlife, giving them the oportunity to actively take part to the most wonderful experiences in nature.


Linking what students learn in the classrooms to what happens in the community is increasing the learning value and motivating them to learn with more enthusiasm and excitement.

Trips can greatly improve children’s understanding of new concepts and are set up as a shared experience that children can enjoy and reflect upon in the time following the trip.
Trips are well planned, with school buses used, and plenty of staff on hand to ensure our children are well-supervised.

Our summer camp represents a structured opportunity for our kids to grow, play, explore and learn new things. Camps help kids to make new friends, reinforce independence and develop their creativiy.

Winter camps also bring new learning opportunities for our kids. Skiing is one of the sports that encourages children to develop a sense of how physical exercises can be fun, being a great tool to ensure they lead a healthy and active lifestyle.  In Pick Me Academy, our last winter camp created great unforgeteble memories for our kids.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― St. Augustine

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