Story Time- Amazing time for our Kids

Storytime creates great oportunities for our children, they learn many life and social skills while participating to these activities.

In kindergarten, but also school, storytime activities help us to teach children about “inside” or “quiet” voices. Going hand in hand with sitting still and using quiet voices, storytime also improves children’s listening skills.

Listening to stories provides children a chance to be introduced to new words.

Children will listen to a story, hear the words, and process them. As they learn new words their vocabulary will be more and more developed.  When the same story is read at home, multiple times, children will learn to associate the spoken word with the written word.

During Story Time activity, we can also make integrate different other subjects, like: Story Time& Theater, Story Time& Role-Play, Story Time and Small World, Story Time& Craft, etc.


Top 5 Benefits of Storytime:

  • Social Opportunities
  • Reading & Listening Skills
  • Positive Attitudes
  • Inspired Minds
  • A Comfortable Environment

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