Why is so important to celebrate in a special way every day?

International days at Pick Me Academy are special occasions to educate our students on issues of concern, to mobilize to address global problems, but also to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity.

There are many days in the year that mark important, unusual and commemorative days that we often forget or overlook; or sometimes don’t even know they exist.
These days are a great way of sharing, exploring and teaching children to understand the different days celebrated throughout the year.

For our kids every special day that we use to celebrate is a great reason of being happy and involved in school’s life. You can find here some examples of special day that we have celebrate at Pick Me Academy.

  1. Autumn Festival

2. Remembrance Day

3. Artist week

4. Bonfire Night

5. Mother’s Day

6. Anti- Bullying Week

7. Music Festival

8. International Human Rights Day

9. Roumanian National Day

10. Christmas Celebration

11. Hawaiian party

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