Recycle today for a better tomorrow.

At Pick Me Academy, we often wonder how we can incorporate the REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE principles in our classes as much as possible., both in kindergarten and in our primary school.

We strongly believe that we can bring a small change in this world by using all the Reuse, Reduce, Recycle principles in our Creative Arts projects.

REDUCE- the amount of materials and goods you consume

REUSE- is the act of taking old items that you might consider throwing and finding a new use for them

RECYCLE- enables the materials we have to be used again by making them new products

We constantly explain to our children, starting from Kindergarten, why is it so important to bring a significant contribution in this: it saves energy and natural resources, helps to reduce pollution and reduces the need for landfill.

It is very important to involve constantly our kids in this type of projects in order to grow their awareness and responsibility for the environment.

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