We are a small and ambitious British International Nursery and Primary School founded in August 2014.
The school was founded by a local family and it has a board of directors that are in charge with day-to-day management of the school. The school has grown gradually in size since it was founded. 
The school is a COBIS member school. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment based on the UK standards.
The school is true to its mission, vision and aims and all staff is engaged, motivated and part of a team with a shared common goal: that of providing a safe, secure childcentred, enjoyable learning environment for the students.
In all areas of the institution the care and passion for the project is well embedded into the ethos of the school and that there is a strong common conviction and pride shared by all. Staff in key posts have been well selected and understand their roles and the scope of their responsibilities. The Key Stage Leaders are knowledgeable about their areas of responsibility and have developed clear and effective documentation and procedures to support themselves and the team. These will be important foundations for the school as it develops in the coming years. That are in place throughout the school are robust and demonstrate a clear understanding of the processes and procedures needed for a school to operate effectively and with due regard and diligence to safeguarding, child welfare and personal development. Everybody at Pick Me Academy has positive and welcoming approach as well as their dedication to the children and to ensuring that they work towards being the best that they can be in all areas.
We promote a rich curriculum with a strong emphasis on the arts, personal, social and emotional development and, we make excellent use of our communication skills, building self-confident learners who understand the impact of global interactions and the changing world.
We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing our best educational practices with our students!

Let’s build something together.